Getting Started

Whether you're a new or existing user, our video tutorials are here to help you get the most out of your Wezinc experience.

Research and Capture

Learn to capture and save information into Wezinc.

Capture Web pages, screenshoots, emails and others (2:19)

Organize your information

Organize and manage properly your ideas and information.

Organize your information (4:10)

Find it all

Find information as you do it with Google.

How to find information (1:32)

Create your own elements

Create your own elements and use the mindmaps for being more creative and innovative.

Create and use mindmaps (2:15)


Share the information saved in Wezinc with your colleagues, friends or family.

How to share the information (1:45)

Other features

Wezinc contains many other interesting features in order to save time (Getting Things Done (GTD), Focus Timers, etc).

Download Wezinc and soon you'll realize that you achieve your goals with less time.

Support Services

We take support seriously, making sure you can quickly get the expert help you need.

Our objective is giving the very best service. We don’t place limits on how much help you can get. If you’ve got a problem we want to fix it.

Key benefits:

  • Access help 12/7 via email (
  • Automatic product upgrades
  • Information about the new versions
  • Be active part of the product evolution through your suggestions (