Wezinc is a personal knowledge management software. Discover how easy is to capture, organize and find all your knowledge.

Create mindmaps, text notes, passwords, capture from webpages, screenshots, files, and search for anything from a single place.

Soon you'll realize that you will achieve your goals in less time.

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"Wezinc has changed my way of working. It has become in an indispensable tool"

Monica Diaz, Research director

The Real World

As a student or as a worker, you spend a lot of time acquiring knowledge from various sources. Capturing the information is not easy and effective as you need to capture text, images, the source link and so on.

You save your personal knowledge in sticky notes, browser bookmarks, and multiple documents scattered around your hard disk.

When you are looking for your knowledge, you often find it, others not, and almost always it takes you too long.

The Wezinc World

With Wezinc, you will have all your knowledge in one place, including notes, images, documents, web links and much, much more, with minimal effort.

You have complete control over all your personal knowledge base keeping it organized in notebooks or visual mind maps. Also you can create your own ideas and projects using the mind maps which will let you be more creative and innovative.

Wezinc is for students, professors, engineers, entrepreneurs and all the people who want to save time capturing, organizing and finding all their personal knowledge.

Benefits and features

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Research and capture quickly

Start your research web browsing. You can capture part or the whole web page just selecting the text you are interested in and copying into the clipboard (Ctrl+C). A popup window will be shown in the right bottom letting you save the knowledge into wezinc.

Wezinc will also let you to capture screenshots in one click. Press Alt + Print Screen and you will be able to select the exact zone of the screen you want to capture.

Organize all easily and visually

Your ideas and information become relevant only if they are properly managed and organized. With wezinc, you can organize your personal knowledge in notebooks, hierarchically and in visual mindmaps.

Drag & drop items from the left panel to the Mind map for organizing the knowledge visually. You will be able to see at a glance all your relevant knowledge base and go deeper if necessary.

Find it all extremely fast

Wezinc will help you to get rid of the typical headaches when you need to find knowledge that you don't even remember where is housed.

You just need to write the words in the Search box in the same way you do in google and wezinc will find it in an extremely quick way, We will search in all the personal knowledge added and also in the names of PC files!

The knowledge found as the search result will be shown ordered by the relevance of every item found.

Be more creative and innovative

Create your own elements. You can add HTML text and Mind map elements. You can also drag&drop text, images and links from any program into wezinc.

We encourage you to use the mindmaps. They stimulate new ideas, integrate them and in a final stage, helps you to innovate.


The following features are available for Windows XP or higher. Support for other platforms will be available in future releases.